Fybrands is a Biotech firm in Salt Lake City, Utah that is committed to the development of proven anti-aging technologies for cutting-edge skin care products.

Fybrands’ latest development has been in the area of skin care. Its SABOURÉ (patent pending) line of skin care products featuring Telagenex 5™, a clinically proven, all-natural, plant based active ingredient (>98% pure). It has been received with great enthusiasm by users for enhancing the appearance of their skin.

Fybrands’ state-of-the-art technology, based on leading research, is destined to revolutionize the skin, hair and nail industry standards. Fybrands is setting a new bar for efficacy with regards to personal care, all directed at an attainable and enhanced consumer experience, based on an all-natural, highly tolerable active ingredient.

Fybrands is planning to introduce additional proprietary products internationally in 3rd quarter to reinforce and add cutting edge technologies to its existing range of beauty products. Non-exclusive licensing rights have been granted to qualified marketing organizations in order for them to utilize Fybrands’ technology as an add on or stand-alone product launch in late 2014 and early 2015. The SABOURÉ™ line is available on a turnkey basis to qualified marketing organizations. An initial licensing fee as well as an on going royalty remuneration would be part of the negotiated agreement.

Interested marketing entities may contact:
Fybrands’ Licensing Department:
Kirk Blosch Chief Licensing Officer